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Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan

Along with volunteers from the local community, Wallingford Town Council is preparing a neighbourhood plan. The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) will influence development in Wallingford from the time the plan is adopted until 2034. The plan will give residents and business owners the opportunity to influence the future development and land use in Wallingford ensuring the community gets the right types of development in the right place.


The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – Thursday 6th May 2021 – The Result

Wallingford Neighbourhood Planning Referendum was held on the 6th May 2021 and it was voted in favour of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan. Please click here for the Referendum notice. 

Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (Adopted Version)

Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (Policies and Key Maps)

Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (Appendix G Evidence for Green Spaces and Appendix H Major Infrastructure Requirements)


The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan Referendum – Thursday 6th May 2021

Following the independent examination of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan, the District Council has decided that the plan should proceed to referendum. The referendum on the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan is due to take place on Thursday 6th May.

Voters can vote at the polling station, by post or proxy. For information about registering to vote (deadline 19th April) and voting options, please see www.southoxon.gov.uk/elections

South Oxfordshire District Council has published the specified referendum documents on its website. These are :

  • Wallingford Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Summary of the representations submitted to the Independent Examiner
  • Statement that the draft plan meets the basic conditions (decision statement)
  • Independent Examiner’s Report (appendix 2 of decision statement)
  • Information Statement and Information for voters

These documents can be inspected on the SODC website. Go to www.southoxon.gov.uk/wallingford-np

If you need help accessing the referendum documents, please call the District Council’s Neighbourhood Planning team on : 01235 422600 or email : planning.policy@southoxon.gov.uk

Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan – Wednesday 26th February – Submitted

On Wednesday 26th February, the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to SODC for its final consultation and examination by a Planning Inspector. This follows updates made to the Plan based on the last round of consultation conducted by the Town Council and Steering Group. Subject to an assessment by the Inspector that the Plan complies with national legislation and policies, and possibly with updates requested by the Inspector, the Plan can then proceed to Referendum – possibly by early summer 2020.

The District Council will organise the next stages of consultation – please watch out for announcements from them. In the meantime, the following documents are available to download (please note that the Town Council and Steering Committee cannot enter in to detailed discussion of the Plan at this point).