We are open again and need more volunteer drivers could you help?

The Wallingford Volunteer Centre is delighted to be able to reopen their community transport service in April and, although initially the take up was slow, we are becoming busier as the vaccine gives people confidence to go out again and attend their appointments.

The majority of the center’s driving is for medical appointments but we also take people to other destinations such as the hair-dresser and shopping. At the time of writing the centre continue to operate with Covid safety measures in place.

If you need help but don’t have access to personal transport and are unable to use public transport do call during office hours and the centre will always help where they can. The centre is open Monday to Thursday 9:30am until 11:30am. Telephone 01491 836345.

Could you be a volunteer? You won’t have to commit to a regular day or number of hours ; we can work around your other commitments and offer tasks to suit you and your lifestyle. If you currently find yourself with time on your hands please do get in touch to find out more. Email : wallingford.volunteer.centre@gmail.com

Wallingford Volunteer Centre