Wallingford Municipal Charities

  •  Do you live in Wallingford?
  • Are you struggling to cope with financial problems?
  • Wallingford municipal charities gives help to local people in need.
  • Can we help you?

Contact us 

Call/text :  07930 396615

 Email: WallingfordMunicipalCharities@gmail.com

Link to an application form for support.

Or pick up a form from Wallingford Town offices at: Wallingford Town Council, 8a Castle Street, Wallingford OX10 8DL

All enquiries are dealt with in total confidence.

What is “Wallingford municipal charities”?


In the past some generous Wallingfordians left money to be used to help people in the town. This money is managed by the Charities Board of Trustees, who are responsible to the Charity Commissioners.

The Trustees look at all requests for financial help. Grants are made to local people who are struggling with financial difficulties or have special problems.

Click for link to Wallingford Municipals Charity poster

Some of the most frequently asked questions

Do you need to live in Wallingford to ask for help?

Yes, in most cases.

Can I apply for a neighbour?

Everyone has to apply for themselves, but please tell you neighbour about the Charities.

I don’t like forms. Do I have to fill them in?

Yes, but you can get help from a friend or Trustee. Just ask.

Do you help with household items?

Yes, after a home visit by a Trustee we may purchase items for you.

Can I get a cash sum from the Charity?

No, we do not give cash but sometimes vouchers.

Can I get help with school trips or school uniform?

Yes, with a covering letter from the school.