Wallingford Town Council is committed to looking after trees on its land. We support residents and communities keen to plant trees in their gardens, and in public spaces with permission of the landowners.

“Right trees in the right places for the right reasons” is the foundation for all new tree planting schemes.

During last winter the Town Council hosted two workshops focusing on tree planting in the OX10 postcode as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. If you plant a tree in your garden in the winter don’t forget to add it to the Green Canopy map.

Representatives from parishes and communities within OX10 postcode learnt about the Oxfordshire Treescapes Opportunities map that are available free to all parish councils. This autumn we will host a third workshop to celebrate the tree-planting projects taking place this autumn and winter.

During the winter tree-planting season the Town Council will plant at least one tree to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Last spring residents planted community orchards and standard trees on the Local Green Spaces at Radnor Road and Wildling Road. Both these sites, which are popular recreation areas, are owned by South Oxfordshire District Council.

The Council is working with our local environmental and higher council partners to identify sites for tree and hedge planting around the town. We are unable to plant trees on the Bull Croft or Kine Croft because they are scheduled monuments. This means that trees should not have been planted there because they risk damaging the archaeology. The Council is creating low mow strips or wildflower areas throughout our heritage green spaces.

You can also visit the Low Carbon Hub for more ideas on how to engage children.

Please do have a look at their downloadable guides to preparing your home for net zero targets and save money on fuel bills!

Organisations to help you choose the right trees for your location (including grants)

Woodland Trust 

Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment Grant

TCV I Dig Trees 

Groundwork Mini Forests

Trees Collaborate, Oxfordshire Community Action Group

Wild Oxfordshire Hedgerow Heroes

Tree Planting in South Oxfordshire (including on SODC – owned land)