The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 was published in February 2015.  Part 2 of the Code sets out the recommended practice for the publication of information by town and parish councils with a gross annual income or expenditure exceeding £200,000.

Community grants

Details of all of the community grants given by Wallingford Town Council is available below:

Updated: Adopted May 2018

contracts & tenders

Please see the Council Standing Orders for details of contracts and financial regulations. 

Standing Orders (page 29) 

Updated: September 2019

parking spaces

Wallingford Town Council have 33 parking spaces in Castle Yard Car Park, Castle Street, Wallingford.

Permit holders pay a fee to the Council each year. There is currently a waiting list for these spaces and if you are interested in one, please call the office on: 01491 835373. 

Updated: 13th October 2016 

land & buildings 

Details of all of the land and buildings own and leased by Wallingford Town Council is available below:

Updated: 29th April 2021


The number of employees whose salary was at least £50,000 at 01/04/16 was none. 

The Council’s pay multiple as at 31st March 2016 is 1:6. The breakdown used for the calculation is the median salary across the Council relative to the highest salary.

View more information about staff, including a copy of the staff structure, here

Updated: 27th July 2017