Call for Councillors

The Town Council has responsibility for maintaining a number of assets in the best interest of the people of Wallingford, and of supporting activities which maintain and grow a healthy community. Whilst the “big issues” are dealt with by the District and County councils, as a “statutory” consultee on many issues, the Town Council has the ability to influence the more senior bodies, and we work to ensure that our interests are taken in to account by the higher tiers of local and national government.

The Council is composed of 16 councillors who serve terms of four years. The councillors as a body decide on various policy actions which are then enacted by a dedicated and hard-working number of permanent employees. Although traditionally the powers of the town council have been strictly limited, recent legislation allows suitably qualified councils to act more freely. This freedom to act much as an individual might act means that the Town Council can more easily respond to the needs and interests of the community. There are now many more opportunities to make a meaningful difference to the lives of residents, businesses and visitors.

The role of a councillor can be wide and varied but there is no particular skill-set needed. To get the best from it, and to best contribute, it does require regular commitment. Most council meetings take place in the evenings, but only a small part of a councillor’s work takes place in the meetings. Councillors are expected to work with the public, the council staff and the other councillors to develop and support the initiatives of the council and this inevitably requires some commitment to working on council business for a number of hours each week so some flexibility in your daily routine, and an ability to work occasional evenings, would be useful.

It’s an exciting time to be councillor in Wallingford and there is a great deal of work to be done. We’re working to improve the facilities in our parks, the Regal replacement project is well underway but there are significant challenges still to be overcome, we’re looking to make the very best use of the money coming our way from the many developments around town, and we need to support the town as it grows whilst maintaining, celebrating and promoting the community and heritage which makes the town such a great place to live and work in.

In the two short years that I have been on the council I’ve learnt a great deal and made many new friends. It’s been a great honour to represent and serve Wallingford, and I’m sure that the next council will be made of 16 outstanding individuals willing to work in the best interests of the town. If you’re interested in standing for election to the Town Council, please get in touch with our Town Clerk via email, or pop in to our offices at 9 St. Martins Street.

Cllr Lee Upcraft

Mayor of Wallingford