Road Closures

Here you will find information for current and planned temporary road closures, road works, public events and other activities on the highway network in Wallingford and some of it’s immediate surrounding area’s which will affect the network in Wallingford.

Emergency works won’t appear immediately due to the urgent nature and will be added to the reporting system when we are notified about them.  To find out more about the works being undertaken you should first attempt to contact the company responsible using the contact information listed on the Temporary Road Closure notice below.

For further information on road works in the Oxfordshire area, please visit the Oxfordshire County Council’s road works webpage 


Temporary Closure Notices


Temporary Road Closure – Wallingford Town Centre

When: Saturday 15th July (3pm until 10pm)

Closure reason : Wallingford’s Curfew Bell Celebration

Area Closed:

Road Closure :

  • St Martin’s Street,
  • St Mary’s Street (from St Leonard’s Square to Market Place)


Exceptions: Limited access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles


Order and Notice

Temporary emergency closure – Benson Weir Walkway


Following recent investigation of Benson Weir walkway, concerns have been raised around the potential for impact damage caused by floating debris during high flows. The walkway will therefore be closed for public access during high flows to ensure public safety.

For further information please call the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506

Environment Agency Notice

Temporary Traffic Order – Wallingford – Goldsmiths Lane (Brewhouse Yard)

When : 6th February 2023 (anticipated to take 8 months to complete)

Works to be carried out : To replace connection onto mains sewer works and the erection of scaffolding to remove roof structure.

Area Closed : Temporarily prohibit vehicles proceeding in part of Goldsmiths Lane (Brewhouse Yard)

Exceptions: Are included for emergency services and for the works and for access to premises which are only accessible from the closed section of road.

Alternative Routes: The alternative route for traffic is via St Martins Street and High Street and vice-versa.


TTRO Notice

Alternative Route for Traffic Plan