Wallingford Museum's exhibition 'Treasures with Tales' 2018

Plans for next year’s Wallingford Museum's exhibition 'Treasures with Tales' are just going ‘live’! 

Most of us keep treasured items - not because they are ‘valuable’ but because they have a special significance. So Wallingford Museum would like to ask you to share some of your ‘Treasures with Tales’ to create a very special exhibition for 2018. They are asking people to offer the loan of an object of any kind that they own that has a special significance, with a tale worth sharing. Objects can include anything, and certainly don’t need to be intrinsically valuable!  It might be a very simple thing - an ornament, souvenir, letter, picture, find, or a family heirloom - just so long as it has an interesting story behind it! The Museum volunteers will select some for the exhibition, but will also display a file of details of everything which is sent in. They’re hoping for a great response! 

Please email your details to: admin@wallingfordmuseum.org.uk or post your photo and tale to ‘Treasures’, Judy Dewey, Wallingford Museum, 52 High Street, Wallingford OX10 0DB. 

The Museum will close for its winter break on 30th November 2017. During the Museum break the Wallingford Museum Bookshop will be open. There is an excellent selection of second hand books at sensible prices. The bookshop is open December-February every Friday, 10.30am -3.00pm and every Saturday 10.30am-1.00pm.