exo earth at St.Peter's

Local photographer John Hailstone returns to St. Peter’s Church, Wallingford from 6-14 June with an exhibition of glowing photographic canvases that explore speculative worlds that orbit stars other than our Sun and in particular those that lie within a star’s habitable zone where life may exist. This exhibition is an extension of a previous work, inspired by the over 4000 exo planets that astronomers have now discovered. Original photographs of the Earth and its lifeforms have been altered in form and colour to embody new earths beyond our own. 

Discover the worlds of Aether, Gaia, Thalassa, Chronos, Ananke, Eros, Tartarus, Erebus, Nyx & Hypnos and the new worlds of Prometheus, Ourea, Nesoi, Chaos & Nemesis. The exhibition will be enhanced with ambient music by Simon Wilkinson and on 13th June, it will join with Music at St. Peter’s for a concert of classical music. A percentage of the exhibition sales will go to support St. Peter’s Church and the Churches Conservation Trust.

Organiser Name: John Hailstone

Organiser Email: john@granizo.uk

Organiser Telephone: 07723726101

Website : www.granizo.uk