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Grant Funding 

The Government has allocated over £23m between 2018-2022 to support the development of neighbourhood plans or neighbourhood development orders. Eligible qualifying bodies can apply for grant funding and/or technical support. As an eligible body Wallingford Town Council submitted an application in August 2018 to Locality, who are contracted by the Government to manage grant applications. Following submission of a detailed application form and several telephone interviews, the Council were advised they had been successful in their bid for £6705 of funding to cover public consultation costs and technical support to provide consultancy support for production of environmental reports required for the Neighbourhood Plan.  A consultant from AECOM, who are commissioned by Locality tp provide technical expertise, is currently working with the Steering Group to provide environmental reports.

29th September 2018 Public consultation 

On 29th September 2018 the WNP hosted a public consultation at the Ridgeway Community Church, St Mary's Street, Wallingford 10am to 3pm. 

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan is moving into a critical stage. The Plan will strengthen the ability of residents in the town to influence where and how future development will take place. It will form part of a legally recognised framework alongside South Oxfordshire District Council's emerging Local Plan, against which planning applications will be judged.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has considered potential sites around town for not only housing but also employment and recreational uses. A range of draft policies have been prepared which will guide and inform the location, styles, uses and impacts of developments.

Residents were invited to the consultation to comment upon the Plan, specifically the draft objectives and policies.  Members of the  Steering Group were available to explain the Plan and how it will impact the future of Wallingford. Disabled parking was available. It was estimated that in excess of 240 people attended the consultation event.

November update 

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan is in the process of developing the draft policies.  The Steering Group originally aimed for the draft policies to be completed by the end of October – early November.  It has since been decided to extend this timeframe to allow the Working Groups more time to include locally specific detail.  

Why is detail so important?  Neighbourhood plans are designed to add value.  They should address gaps and provide details which reflect the locally distinctive characteristics of the area, such as historic character, townscapes and landscapes that aren’t covered in the District Council’s Local Plan.   Without locally specific detail a neighbourhood plan is at risk of becoming a duplicate of the Local Plan or national policy.  It is vital that the policies add detail, are clear and unambiguous as they will be used by the decision maker to determine future planning applications for development in Wallingford.  

Public Consultation on sites for new housing, employment and leisure facilities

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan group is holding a one-day consultation event on Saturday 8 July from 10am to 4pm at the Regal Centre off St Martin’s Street, so that local residents can give their comments on the sites that are being considered to meet the need for new housing and for employment.

The Neighbourhood Plan working groups (comprised of local residents) are considering a number of sites identified for potential future development in Wallingford. Issues we are considering include walking distances from schools, the Medical Practice and shops, and likely impacts on highways, the environment and heritage.

This consultation also considers community and leisure uses, including sites for an indoor swimming pool, which was raised as a key ambition by local residents at previous events. The findings of this process will be presented at the public consultation.

Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, Cllr Amanda Holland, said: “Members of the working groups have assessed large and small sites for their suitability. Now we need to hear from all residents to make sure that the community is going in the right direction.

“If it is to be successful, the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan must show where the town can accommodate more housing, and also places for people to work so that the town continues to thrive as a place for business.”

“The vision for Wallingford is to ensure that growth for the Neighbourhood Plan Period to 2032 is managed carefully with sustainable mixed development to meet the needs of young families and older people balanced with the ability of the infrastructure to cope with the development. We want to keep the Saxon character of our historic town, and improve leisure facilities as well as the natural environment.”

Comments and feedback from local residents will help the Neighbourhood Plan working groups finalise the list of sites to be included in the Plan.

8th July Public consultation 

Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan - Public Consultation

The WNP is hosting a Public Consultation on Saturday 8th July, from 10am – 4pm in the Regal Centre, Wallingford.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to:

  • Understand more about the site assessment and allocation process 
  • Learn about the next stages
  • Comment on proposed sites for future development including housing and employment sites

If you are unable to attend you can comment online after the event. 

23rd February 2017 - Consultation closed

The WNP held a public consultation on Saturday 21st January 2017.  The consultation period is now closed.  We would like to thank everyone who attended and took time to comment.  

We will shortly be publishing a report summarising the responses. 

18th February 2017 - Focused call for sites closed

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) focused called for sites has now closed. 

24th January 2017 - Have your say

If you weren't able to attend the WNP Open Day on Saturday 21st January, don't worry you can view the consultation material online and leave your comments. 

5th January 2017 - Save the date! 

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan is hosting an open day on Saturday 21st January 2017, in the Regal Centre, Wallingford.  
This the the perfect opportunity  to find out how the plan is taking shape and to ask questions and give ideas to the Steering Group.

30th November 2016 - Focused call for sites 

The Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) will be undertaking a ‘focused called for sites’ from Monday 5th December 2016 to Sunday 8th January 2017.

This is a request to the local community to identify any new potential development sites within the neighbourhood plan boundary that could be considered for housing, economic (employment) land, education, health and community facilities. 

Anyone is welcome to submit a site that is 0.2 hectares or larger providing that they have permission from the owner. However, this is only for new potential sites and not those already submitted to South Oxon District Council.

If you or someone you know has a potential development site that might be suitable we would like to hear from you. Full details, including a submission form and FAQ, can be downloaded here. 

15th November 2016 - Working Groups

The past month has seen some changes amongst the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups, with Housing and Development merging with Local Environment, Health and Education. The merger was agreed due to the large number of commonalities between the group and to help share resources.

The Working Groups are in the process of drafting policies for the plan. The polices must be supported by evidence, so evidence gathering is also a key part of this stage. Once all of the Working Groups have drafted their policies a public consultation will be held to give the public a chance to comment on the objectives and policy options.

30th September 2016 - Forming policies 

On Saturday 24th September all of the members of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups;Economy and Employment; Housing and Development;Leisure, Town Centre and Amenities;Local Environment, Health and Education; Transport and Movement met with our neighbourhood planning consultants, Nexus.

This was to enable Nexus to review the visions and objectives of each working group, developed over the last three months, and was also the starting point for formulating these into policies for potential inclusion in the plan. 

14th July 2016 - Working Groups update

The Working Groups have been meeting regularly and are making good progress developing visions and objectives for the plan.

The next stage in the process will be for the Steering Group, along with planning consultants Nexus, to review these visions and objectives and formulate how they can be translated into policies. The policies will then be submitted for public consultation and, subject to feedback, will be fed into a first draft of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan.

21st June 2016 - Working Group meeting

On Tuesday 21st June, Wallingford Town Council and Nexus Planning hosted a meeting, for the volunteers of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan Working Groups. 

Over the course of the next three months, the Working Groups will be meeting regularly to set clear visions, achievable objectives and policies to be considered for inclusion in the plan.

31st May 2016 - Baseline Report 

The latest version of the Baseline Report is now available

17th May 2016 - Working Groups 

As a result of the data collected at the neighbourhood plan consultation in March, the following working group themes have been established:

Economy and Employment
Town Centre and Amenities
Transport and Movement
Housing and Development
Local Environment, Health and Education

The Project Manager, Rachel Rae, is currently in the process of contacting everyone who registered their interest in the workings groups.  Once the groups have been established the chairs of the working groups will be in contact. 

9th May 2016 - Project Manager

The Project Manager for the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan, Rachel Rae, is now working full time at Wallingford Town Council, three days of which will be concentrated on the neighbourhood plan.

Telephone: 01491 835373

14th April 2016 - Public Consultation closed

The public consultation of the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan has now closed.  

If you have registered your interest for the working parties, someone from the steering group will be in contact within the next few weeks. 

11th March 2016 - Public Consultation available online

If you weren't able to attend last weeks public consultation but would still like to be involved, don't worry it isn't too late. The public consultation is open until April 2016. 

You can view the consultation presentation here, at the Town Information Centre or at the Town Council offices. You can also send us your feedback and register your interest in the working parties by emailing the Project Manager, Rachel Rae.  

10th March 2016 - Big thank you!

Last week’s public consultations were very well attended. It was fantastic to see so many people contributing their ideas and views about the future of Wallingford.  

If you registered your interest for a working party, please bear with us.  Registration is open until April and we will be contact in due course. 

18th February 2016 – Public Consultations

The first public consultations will take place in the Regal Centre, Wallingford on:
Thursday 3rdMarch - 10.00am to 4.00pm and 6.00pm to 8.00pm*
Saturday 5th March - 2.00pm to 5.00pm*

These will allow you to learn more about the Neighbourhood Plan process, share your views and find out how you can get involved. If you are unable to attend please register your interest with the Project Officer.

*Consultations will have the same content so you only need attend one.