Tourism and Economic Development Committee on Monday, the 20th December 2021

Meeting of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee on Monday, the 20th December 2021


Those Present:

The Chairman, Councillor Hughes

Councillors Cattermole, Gibbon and Whelan

In Attendance:

The Town Clerk/RFO, Miss Michelle Taylor

Local Government Officer/ Minute Taker, Miss Emilie Perry

The Town Information Centre Representative, Mrs Sue Ross

Public Attendance:

Councillor Holder was in attendance

One member of the public was present

The meeting commenced at 19:00 (7:00PM)



The Chairman to advise attendees of the protocol for this meeting:

Attendees noted the protocol for this meeting


To receive and approve apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from The Mayor, Councillor Harris, Councillors Beauchamp, Keats- Rohan and Sinkinson, and the Estates Officer


A Councillor with voting rights who has a disclosable pecuniary interest or another interest as set out in our Council’s Standing Orders Code of Conduct (Item 13) in a matter being considered at a meeting is subject to statutory limitations or restrictions under code of conduct and their right to participate and vote on the matter (guidelines are available at the meeting and all Councillors have received a copy prior          to the meeting)

No interests were declared


To resolve that the minutes from the meeting of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee on the 23rd August 2021 as set out on pages 55-60 in the Minute Book are a true and accurate record of that meeting and authorise the Chairman to sign them; previously circulated:

It was proposed by Councillor Gibbon, seconded by Councillor Cattermole and RESOLVED THAT the minutes from the meeting of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee on the 23rd August 2021 as set out on pages 55-60 in the Minute Book are a true and accurate record of that meeting, and the Chairman is authorised to sign them


From Wallingford Town Council’s Standing Orders:

E) Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give                         evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda.

F) The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting in accordance with standing order 3(E) above shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting.

G) Subject to standing order 3(F) above, a member of the public shall not speak for more than10 minutes.

Members of the public who wish to speak at this meeting must email the Senior Officer at seniorofficer@wallingfordtowncouncil.gov.uk

·       Mr Dennis Jackson on behalf of Wallingford on Business: Mr Jackson thanked Council for their help with the Wallingford at Christmas Sunday shopping event. He asked Members whether they thought that continuing with the St George’s Day event in 2022 was a good idea and reported that if so, Wallingford in Business would need assistance with this also in terms of the event’s content and organisation. Previously the focus has been on under 12s with Punch and Judy and Maypole dancing; Mr Jackson queried whether this should be continued or how it could be done differently, and advised Members that any ideas would be welcomed before the end of January 2022. He then went on to request Council’s support for other events such as the 2022 Carnival and Christmas Sunday, focusing specifically on providing entertainment.

The Town Clerk/RFO requested that Mr Jackson email into the Office with the issues discussed above, and this item will be put before Full Council in January.

·       Councillor Steve Holder:

Councillor Hughes brought to Members’ attention that according to the Council’s documentation, Councillor Holder is not in fact a member of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee and shall therefore speak as a Member of the Public:

It was proposed by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RESOLVED THAT Councillor Holder shall speak ahead of his intended agenda items as a member of the public

Action: Local Government Officer to put the St. George’s Day, Carnival, Christmas Shopping Sunday events, and the Committee Structure back to Full Council in January for further discussion and approval


(i) To receive and note the quarterly stats from Mrs Sue Ross, previously circulated to Councillors; Members have an opportunity to discuss:

Mrs Ross explained the Quarter two and three figures to Members and reported that the Town Information Centre was on track to achieve their quarterly footfall target of 1600 visitors by the end of December.

Members thanked Mrs Ross and the Town Information Centre Team for their hard work


Members to review and note the Terms of Reference; Councillor Holder to lead discussion.

Following the resolution made above regarding Councillor Holder’s participation, Councillor Holder spoke regarding the Terms of Reference: the Terms of Reference were reviewed again in October 2021, and Councillor Holder was keen to ensure the Committees were aware of their responsibilities and were working to uphold them, and clarified that the Tourism and Economic Development Committee should be cross- referring with the Community, Business and Tourism    Manager

Cllr Hughes raised a point regarding the Neighbourhood Plan, it’s not entirely clear exactly what the Committee needs to be doing in terms of collaboration with the Community and the Community, Business and Tourism Manager. Cllr Cattermole expressed the opinion that this Council should be known for what it does, not for what it writes down. Councillor Hughes explained that in a business sense, the Council’s client is the Electorate and therefore everything should be written out and diarised.

This item shall be put forward to Full Council for further discussion


(i) Leaflets: Councillor Holder to present the proposed leaflet for 2022; Members to agree a launch ready for the 2022 season:

Councillor Holder passed a leaflet previously drafted by Councillors Cattermole and Whelan to Members. To increase awareness of the Town’s assets for moorers and increase footfall and thus spending within Wallingford’s businesses, the Tourism and Economic Development Committee would work closely with the Riverside Working Group, the Moorings Collector and the Town Information Centre to improve this leaflet before implementing for the next summer season. Councillors Whelan and Cattermole suggested that the Council collaborate with some local businesses to offer a discount            scheme to any boaters who present a Town Council moorings leaflet. Councillor Holder volunteered to lead the process by formatting the leaflet for review by this Committee in March 2022 whilst working closely with the relevant parties as mentioned above.

It was proposed by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RESOLVED THAT Councillor Holder will work alongside the Riverside Working Group, the Moorings Collector and the Town Information Centre to improve the current proposed leaflet for 2022 and ask the future Community, Business, and Tourism Manager to negotiate a  discount scheme with local businesses for future leaflets

Action: Councillor Holder to work on the leaflet for moorers for 2022 alongside the Riverside Working Group, Moorings Collector and Town Information Centre ready for review by the Tourism and Economic Development Committee in March 2022

(ii) Ladders and repairs to cleats: Councillor Cattermole to give an update:

Councillor Cattermole explained that the current cleats are a different design than commonly found, and he has not managed to find replacement cleats that have spreader plates to replace the damaged ones. This would mean that cleats would have to be welded to spreader plates and unfortunately the welder previously used by the Town Council had retired. The Local Government Officer here reported that she knew of a welder who could replace him.

Action: Local Government Officer to pass details of a welder to Councillor Cattermole to get a quote for repair of the cleats at the Wallingford Town Council moorings


Members to review the Riverside Working Group membership; Councillor Holder to lead discussion:

Members discussed the current Working Group members: 6 members currently including Councillors Cattermole, Holder and Whelan. It was noted that the Estates Officer was looking to work with the Riverside Working Group as a member, and that an invitation for membership would be sent. The Community, Business and Tourism Manager will also be invited to join the Riverside Working Group when the role is filled.


The Town Clerk/RFO to give an update:

The Town Clerk/RFO reported that the Pureboating contract is currently an agreed three-way lease with Greene King. As previously discussed and resolved by Council, a  new lease of two years has been agreed between Greene King and Pureboating. This included an agreement to increase Pureboating’s rent by double; this item is to be put before Full Council for final approval.


Members to consider a request from the Riverside Working Group for ‘no jumping from the bridge’ and ‘pedestrian priority (over cycles)’ signage on Wallingford Bridge:

Following a conversation between the Riverside Working Group and the Thames Valley River Network, the Environment Agency have expressed concerns about the numbers of people jumping into the river from Wallingford Bridge. There was historically a sign instructing no jumping but it was removed. The Thames Valley River Network and Environment Agency have requested that the sign be replaced, but this would require scheduled monument consent. Members ascertained that even if the sign was replaced, as has been proven historically it will probably not prevent members of the public from      jumping off the Bridge.

Councillor Holder volunteered to liaise with OCC and FixMyStreet regarding the no jumping sign, the disrepair on the Bridge steps and the lack of handrail on the Bridge steps also.

Members also discussed the need for a sign instructing pedestrian priority over cyclists, by the Boathouse. Cyclists are not permitted on the Thames Path and Councillor Hughes announced that there would be a new rule within the Highway Code to enforce pedestrian priority over cyclists


(i) To receive the update from the Office regarding the Civil War Re-enactment:

The Chairman read the Senior Officer’s report on the change of management for the Castle Meadows; this was noted by Members

(ii) To consider other options in case the Re-enactment cannot go ahead on the Jubilee weekend

The Town Clerk/RFO invited Members to come forward with suggestions for potential         replacement events:

·       A Town Picnic; similar to the previous Jubilee celebrations in the Castle Gardens

·       An initiative to encourage all businesses in town to join together for a town-wide celebration

·       Young Traders’ Market

·       Link the Carnival to the Jubilee

·       Host a Flotilla on Wallingford’s stretch of the Thames and invite HMS Gloriana to partake

There were concerns regarding the timescale for the organisation of this event. It was RECOMMENDED THAT this item be carried to the next Full Council meeting for further discussion


Members to review the job description to be taken to Full Council for approval in order to commence the recruitment process early in the New Year; previously circulated

Members discussed and presented amendments: project management will be specified  twice within the job description, the role will be described as “important” rather than “busy”, item 5 shall be removed from the job description as it falls under the Estates Officer’s remit, and the addition of liaison with the Part Time Government Officer regarding inputting to the website.

It was proposed by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RECOMMENDED THAT the job description be amended as above and put before Full Council in January 2022 for approval


Members to recommend items for future Agendas:

  • ·   Young Traders Market: review another date to be agreed
  • ·   General improvement to facilities for boaters
  • ·   Tourism South East:
  • –        Wallingford on Guide to Thames River
  • –        Updating Tourism South East’s booklet with promotional piece on Wallingford
  • –        Assigning Members to the various training courses from Tourism South East
  • ·   TIC marketing materials update
  • ·   Evening mooring collections – recommendation to Personnel for February 2022

The meeting ended at 8.20PM