Present Members:

  • Councillor Dan Beauchamp
  • Councillor Giles Cattermole
  • Councillor Paul Gibbon (Chairman)
  • Councillor Marcus Harris (The Mayor)
  • Councillor Nigel Hughes
  • Councillor Katharine Keats-Rohan
  • Councillor Deborah Whelan


  • Luke Whitcomb, Meetings Officer
  • Sue Ross, Town Information Centre


  • 2 members of the public were present



It was proposed by Councillor Keats-Rohan, and seconded by Councillor Whelan, and RESOLVED that Councillor Gibbon be elected Chairman for the 2022-2023 Municipal Year

It was proposed by Councillor Beauchamp, and seconded by Councillor Harris, and RESOLVED that Councillor Beauchamp be elected Vice-Chairman for the 2022-2023 Municipal Year


The Chairman advised attendees of the protocol for this meeting.

123/22   APOLOGIES

Apologies were received from the Town Clerk.

Councillor Sinkinson did not attend.


No interests were declared.

125/22   MINUTES

It was proposed by Councillor Whelan, and seconded by Councillor Cattermole, and RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee held on 23 May 2022 are a true and accurate record of that meeting, and the Chairman is authorised to sign them


The Committee reviewed actions agreed at the last meeting.  Most had been completed.  The item on filming would be carried forward.


Elaine Hornsby representing Wallingford in Business attended and updated the Committee on the current views of traders.  These included concerns with the following:

o   the size and noise of buses in the Market Place

o   the unevenness of pavements and the health and safety risks this presented for residents and visitors

o   vandalism

o   the scruffiness of some streets

o   the lack of parking, especially the recently-installed and apparently under-utilised electric charging spaces in both the Cattle Market and Goldsmith’s Lane car parks

The Chairman undertook to contact the bus company to express concerns, whilst at the same time recognising that we should do nothing to put the bus services at risk. This issue would also appear on the agenda of the next meeting.

The Chairman also undertook to contact the South Oxfordshire District Council to ask whether some of the electric-charging spaces could be used for all cars until such a time when electric cars were greater in number.


Councillor Beauchamp as Chairman of the Personnel Committee reported that this post had now been offered to a candidate and a verbal acceptance had been received.  The starting date for the new post holder would be in August.  The Mayor thanked everyone who had contributed to securing and filling this position.


The Committee discussed this event which had been postponed from the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, including possible dates and factors that needed to be taken into consideration.

The most suitable dates seemed to be 17 or 18 September.

Councillor Cattermole indicated that he wished to take the event forward independently under the banner of the Repair Café.

It was proposed by Councillor Beauchamp, and seconded by Councillor Harris, and RESOLVED that this no longer be a Council event and instead be organised and run independently, and that the Council would support the organisers in whatever way it could.


The Committee considered the 2022 programme of Band Concerts.  The responsibility for shaping this and developing a strategy for 2023 and beyond had been delegated by the Full Council (Minute 112/22).

A number of local organisations had already offered to provide the refreshments for the 2022 concerts, including the Scouts, Guides, Centre 70 and the Friends of Wallingford Hospital.

It was understood that the first availability of brass bands would be September, although this would be checked.  Councillor Whelan reported that some local musicians had already expressed interest in performing.

It was proposed by Councillor Cattermole, and seconded by Councillor Whelan, and RESOLVED that three concerts be held in 2022, the first two to be local musicians (of a melodic style appropriate to the space) and that the final one in Septemberinvolve one of the brass bands that we have traditionally used, and that the offer of local organisations to provide refreshments be taken up


Sue Ross gave an overview of the work of the Town Information Centre (TIC), including the wide range of enquiries that the team of three handled.  Footfall had understandably increased substantially compared to the first of half of 2021 when the COVID pandemic had been more severe.  The issue of increasing the TIC’s visibility was discussed.

It was proposed by Councillor Harris, and seconded by Councillor Cattermole, and RESOLVED that a discretionary budget managed by the Town Clerk for enhancements be used to erect the internationally-recognised blue ‘i’ sign, up to a value of £200, subject to the Town Clerk’s agreement and approved financial regulations


Councillors Gibbon and Harris reported on a non-Council event that was being developed to celebrate the privilege granted to Wallingford in the 11th Century of an additional hour when an 8.00pm national curfew.  This event would be held in 2023.


Councillor Whelan updated the Committee on the Working Group’s activities.  The current main focus was on the designation of the beach and clean water.

Councillor Cattermole reported that the Working Group intended to bring a ten-year plan to a future meeting of the Committee.

There was no further news on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money to develop the Splash Park area.

There was a brief discussion on which committee the Working Group should report to, as there were also matters relevant to the Parks, Gardens, Allotments and Open Spaces Committee.  There was agreement that matters relevant to both Committees continue to be brought to both bodies, subject to the agreement of the Parks, Gardens & Allotments, & Open Spaces Committee.


The following were identified as items for future meetings:

o   Increased frequency of Committee meetings

o   Additional events in Castle Gardens

o   Band Concert strategy for 2023 & beyond (to be taken back to the Full Council when formulated)

o   Noise and size of buses in the Market Place

o   Wallingford brochure (for moorers) (to be taken forward by the Community, Business & Tourism Development Officer)

o   Market administration

o   Young Traders’ Market

o   Widening the Town Centre to include some of St Martin’s Street on market days

o   Tourism South East

o   Christmas

The meeting ended at 8.25 pm




Minutes of the

Tourism & Economic Development Committee

27 June 2022,

signed as a correct record                                                                 Chairman


2022-06-27 TED minutes