Meeting of Full Council on Monday 13th September 2021

Minutes of the meeting of Full Council on Monday 13th September 2021

Held : Wallingford Town Hall at 7:00 p.m

Those Present: The Mayor, Councillor Harris, Councillors Beatty, Beauchamp, Cattermole, Gibbon, Holder, Holford, Hughes, Keats- Rohan, McGregor, Newcombe, Sinkinson and Whelan

In Attendance: The Town Clerk/RFO, Miss M.L. Taylor, The Administration Officer, Miss E.J. Perry (minute taker)

Public Attendance: There were 8 members of the public present

The meeting commenced at 19:00 (7:00PM)


Mayor Councillor Harris advised all attendees of the location of fire exits, asked    attendees to ensure that mobile phones were on silent so as not to interrupt the           meeting


Apologies were received from Councillors Kidley and Lester, Councillor Wilder was not in attendance


A Councillor with voting rights who has a disclosable pecuniary interest or another interest as set out in our Council’s Standing Orders code of Conduct (Item 13) in a      matter being considered at a meeting is subject to statutory limitations or restrictions under code of conduct and his right to participate and vote on the matter (guidelines are available and all Councillors have received a copy prior to the meeting)

  • Councillor Sinkinson declared an interest in item 9: Lidl Art Grant
  • Councillor Keats- Rohan declared an interest in item 14: Public Liability Insurance, as a director of Wallingford Museum


The Mayor to communicate any news to Council:

The mayor Communicated that he had been very busy with the following activities:

  • Officially opened the Kinecroft Academy of Dance’s new dancewear shop, Spin and Sparkle.
  • Presented trophies to various category winners at the Wallingford Allotments and Gardens Society.
  • Attended the Methodist Chapel to present awards to the Boys’ Brigade and Girls’ Association
  • A date is set for this year’s Christmas market: Sunday 5th
  • Met with a representative from the Doctor’s Surgery regarding the current strain on services.
  • Attended the Mayor’s Dinner in Dorchester alongside Lord Lieutenants and other dignitaries.
  • On the 4th September attended all establishments in Wallingford holding music events in place of the BunkFest Fringe.
  • Great Big Green Week Update: Mayor Councillor Harris commended Councillor Keats- Rohan for representing the Council at the Great Big Green Week and invited Councillors to join her in manning the information stall.

The Mayor thanked various individuals for recent efforts:

  • Councillor Kidley for fixing the flag rope and enabling Wallingford Town Council to fly flags all year round.
  • Jacqui Coker for her tireless efforts with the new website which will be up and running in the coming days.
  • Jacqui Coker, Suzanne Symons, Councillors Keats- Rohan and Whelan for their efforts at the Wallingford Preservation Trust tea and raffle event, which was a big success and raised £900 for the Trust.
  • Councillors for attending, and Staff for running, the Andrew and Wilding Remembrance Service


To resolve that the minutes from the meeting of Full Council on the 2nd August 2021 are a true and accurate record of that meeting, and authorise the Chairman to sign them

It was proposed by Councillor Katharine Keats- Rohan, seconded by Councillor Beauchamp and RESOLVED THAT the minutes from the meeting of Full Council on the 2nd August 2021 are a true and accurate record of that meeting and the Chairman is authorised to sign them as such


Council to receive the following Committee minutes (previously signed as a correct record and circulated to Councillors):

  • From the meeting of the Planning Committee on the 14th July 2021
  • From the meeting of the Tourism and Economic Development Committee on the 1st March 2021
  • From the meeting of the Personnel Committee on the 5th July 2021
  • From the meeting of the Planning Committee on the 9th August 2021

It was proposed by Councillor Cattermole, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RESOLVED THAT these Committee minutes be received by Full Council


Members of the public who wish to speak at this meeting please email the Senior Administrator at senioradmin@wallingfordtowncouncil.gov.uk

  • Robert Thomas to present to Council regarding item 8(i) – the Central Wallingford Report (previously circulated to Councillors)
  • Karen Whiting from Ridgeway Community Church to address Council at item 10 – the Beacon Youth Project
  • Victoria Nemar from the Waterside Court Care Home to present to Council at item 13 – Dementia Friends
  • Colin Dolton from the English Civil War Society to address Council at item 12 – Civil War Re-Enactment Event in 2022


Members to discuss; up-to-date version of the Central Wallingford Report previously circulated to Councillors

(i) Robert Thomas spoke on six main points from the Central Wallingford Report:

  1. A 20mph zone would mean a decrease in traffic flow
  2. Less statutory signage would be placed around town creating a more aesthetically pleasing centre
  3. Trees in car parks would be a welcome change; the Wallingford Explorer Unit and WAGS have offered help with this. The Conservation Volunteers (TVC) have shown interest in supplying young trees potentially for free
  4. Improving common thoroughfares such as Feathers Yard: utilising such a space to display local arts, and heritage crafts to make it more of a link between Waitrose and the Town Centre as opposed to just a walled alleyway
  5. Widening pavements: this will mean that the carriageway can be scaled back in the 20mph zone, and pedestrians and wheelchair/ mobility users will not be in danger on overly-narrow pavements
  6. Making the Town Centre more pedestrian friendly, by one of two ways:
  • Raising the road level to make it a shared space for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Pedestrianise the Waitrose end of St. Martin’s Street (adjacent to High Street) as has been done with St. Mary’s Street

The mayor thanked Robert for coming to speak to Council and opened the floor to Councillors for item 8(ii)

(ii) It was proposed by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Newcombe and RESOLVED THAT when the response is submitted by the 8th October, it is to note        specifically three things:

  • The 50-metre gap in the 20mph zone between the area near the Cross Keys and St. George’s Road
  • Reducing the signage for the 20mph zone
  • The maps need to be expanded and improved to include areas such as Blackstone Road and Norries Drive; Councillor Whelan reported that the maps can be tailored to be more effective to Wallingford with Councillors’ local knowledge


Councillors to note acceptance of the arts funding due to be received for the production of both the bench and noticeboard, which will be situated outside Lidl

Councillors noted the acceptance of the funding.

The Town Clerk/ RFO reported on behalf of Councillor Lester that the bench and notice board are near completion and further updates on the unveiling will be         delivered in due course


Councillors to note Karen Whiting’s report on the work that Beacon has been doing with local young people regarding anti-social behaviour and community engagement (previously circulated); Councillors have an opportunity to discuss

Karen thanked Council for their continued support and outlined the help that Beacon have been able to provide to vulnerable and troubled young people; post- lockdown there is a concern that we are “only seeing the tip of the iceberg” in terms of young people struggling with mental health and mental capacity. Gareth Lloyd- Jones thanked Colin Dolton for all of his support when he was a Councillor; he reported on the progress ongoing at the Fountain Bookshop and detailed that there will be a kitchen installed, with the hope of using the Fountain as a base for Beacon to teach vulnerable young people life skills and economic cooking, as well as offering work experience by way of customer service. Gareth and Karen also reported that others such as the WI are interested in using the space, which would help build a stronger sense of community and connect groups of people who would otherwise not necessarily link up.

Since Mr Dolton stepped down from Council, Councillor Holford volunteered to be the Beacon Youth Project’s point of liaison for Council


To elect Councillor Whelan to the Tourism and Economic Development Sub-Committee


It was proposed by Councillor Hughes, seconded by Councillor Cattermole and RESOLVED THAT Councillor Whelan is elected as a member of the Tourism and        Economic Development Sub-Committee

Councillor Whelan abstained from this vote


To ask Council for support towards the Civil War Re-enactment to the sum of £10,000 from the Events budget; Councillors to discuss


Colin Dolton reported to Council that the English Civil War Society would like the Siege to be held on the 4th –5th June 2022 to tie in with the Queen’s Platinum    Jubilee. Due to the last event making a loss, tickets would be chargeable this time around. He explained that aside from money, the big need is to have people on the ground creating and running this event as he cannot run it on his own. The last Siege had 18 months’ planning so the event being planned in 9 months will be ambitious- work needs to start right away including obtaining permission from the Earth Trust,Historic England and SODC to use the meadows and ancient monuments. Mayor Councillor Harris clarified that the idea is for the Council to underwrite the event rather than pay for it, and that the local business community would greatly benefit from the event

It was proposed by Councillor McGregor, seconded by Councillor Beauchamp and RESOLVED THAT Council fully supports this event for the Platinum Jubilee subject to the Earth Trust, SODC and Historic England’s approval, and to authorise the Town Clerk and Mayor to write to the necessary authorities to seek permissions

It was proposed by Councillor Beatty, seconded by Councillor Beauchamp and RESOLVED THAT The Council will underwrite the cost of this event to the tune of £10,000 from this year’s budget


Victoria Nemar to report on helping Wallingford become more dementia-friendly; Councillors have an opportunity to discuss

Victoria Nemar outlined that Dementia Friends is an awareness scheme steered by the Alzheimer’s Society. Councillors were invited to attend Dementia Friends sessions as well as host them, and advertise sessions and tips to help Wallingford  become dementia-friendly.

It was proposed by Councillor Beatty, seconded by Councillor Holder and RESOLVED THAT Council will become Dementia Friends and thus support Wallingford in      becoming a dementia friendly community


Council to discuss Public Liability Insurance amount required by third parties for events and fundraisers; attachment circulated to Councillors


It was reported that the Wallingford Museum had been found ineligible to hold an event on Council property recently because their indemnity was too low, and they were not willing to increase their annual premium. Councillors discussed a blanket Public Liability Insurance policy that would cover for example, large events like the Siege as well as cover non-profit and volunteer groups for their events.

The Town Clerk/ RFO reiterated that the decision to increase the indemnity to  £10million and also require a £10million premium from any prospective user of Council property was made by the Council. She invited Colin Dolton to speak here as he was a member of Council when the Council’s indemnity was increased from £5mil to £10mil. He reported that it was essential that the premium was raised due to unforeseen accidents causing injury potentially to a grave extent, to ensure the Council was covered and not held liable.

There was no resolution made here; the Town Clerk/ RFO was asked to liaise with the insurance company and report back with possible options for blanket insurance   policies as mentioned in the discussion above


To consider any future agenda items

  • Public Arts Strategy
  • Riverside subsidence update regarding who will do the works
  • Regal update
  • Christmas tree sponsorship approval
  • Re-enactment event update
  • Christmas Fair update
  • Polar Express update: invite Dr Stead to speak


To resolve that due to the confidential items about to be transacted that Members of the public and press are asked to withdraw from the meeting

It was proposed by Councillor Beauchamp, seconded by Councillor Hughes and RESOLVED THAT due to the confidential items about to be transacted that Members of the public and press are asked to withdraw from the meeting.