Those present:           

The Chairman, Councillor Claire Holford

Councillors Beatty, Beauchamp, Cattermole, Harris, Kidley, Newcombe and Whelan

In attendance:            

The Town Clerk/RFO, Miss Michelle Taylor

The Estates Officer, Mr Rob Workman

The Senior Government Officer, Mrs Tracey Collins

The Part-Time Finance Assistant, Mr Elliot Wilson

Public attendance:      No members of the public attended the meeting


To advise attendees of meeting protocol:

Members noted the standard protocol for the meeting


To receive any apologies:

Apologies were noted from the Local Government Officer


A Councillor with voting rights who has a disclosable pecuniary interest or  another interest as set out in our Council’s Standing Orders code of Conduct  (Item 13) in a matter being considered at a meeting is subject to statutory limitations or restrictions under code of conduct and his right to participate and vote on the matter (guidelines are available at the meeting and all Councillors have received a copy prior to the meeting):

Councillor Whelan declared an interest in item 16


To resolve that the minutes from the meeting of the Finance and Properties Committee held on the 6th December 2021 as set out on pages 138-144 in the minute book are a true and accurate record of that meeting, and authorise the Chairman to sign them:

It was proposed by Councillor Kidley, seconded by Councillor Holford and RESOLVED THAT the minutes from the meeting of the Finance and Properties Committee held on the 6th December 2021 as set out on pages 138-144 in the minute book are a true and accurate record of that meeting, and the Chairman is authorised to sign them


From Wallingford Town Council’s Standing Orders:

E) Members of the public may make representations, answer questions and give evidence at a meeting which they are entitled to attend in respect of the business on the agenda.

F) The period of time designated for public participation at a meeting in accordance with standing order 3(E) above shall not exceed 15 minutes unless directed by the chairman of the meeting.

G) Subject to standing order 3(F) above, a member of the public shall not speak for  more than 10 minutes.

Members of the public who wish to speak at this meeting please email the Senior Officer at: senioradmin@wallingfordtowncouncil.gov.uk

There were no public participants


i) To Receive the Internal Auditors report:

ii) To Review the Effectiveness of the Internal Audit:

iii) To discuss and action any recommendations of the Internal Audit:

The Town Clerk/RFO had sent out all documents in advance for the meeting but Members had the documents in front of them to read and discuss. Members were pleased with the internal auditor’s report and considered that the internal audit was effective. Furthermore, they were pleased to see that all recommendations in the report were being actioned.

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RESOLVED THAT the Members of the Finance and Properties Committee had received the internal auditor’s report dated the 19th January 2022, reviewed it and considered the internal audit to be effective. Members were pleased to see that the recommendations were being actioned. The Internal Audit Report is to be put before Full Council for adoption.

Members thanked the Town Clerk/RFO for all of her work


Members to receive and approve the bills schedules from November and December 2021; previously circulated:

Whilst reviewing the November bill schedule, Members queried bills from South Oxfordshire District Council regarding dog waste bins, LGRC Locum Clerk services, Taylor Made Castings which was a payment due to be invoiced out, and Cull Paperless Solutions which related to the archiving of files from the 9 St. Martin’s Street Office.

Upon reviewing the December bill schedule, The Mayor, Councillor Harris enquired after grant funding for the works at the Castle Ruins – the Town Clerk explained that the Council shall be reimbursed for the costs with the grant funding.

Councillor Holford queried another payment to LGRC Locum services; the Town Clerk/RFO confirmed that the December payment was the final payment and that the deposit had been returned.

Councillor Cattermole queried a payment to Rabbits Vehicle Hire which pertained to van hire for the Estates/Parks Team as the tractors were off the road. Councillor Cattermole objected to the tractors being off the road; the Town Clerk/RFO reminded him that it was passed through this Committee as well as Full Council. Councillor Newcombe again queried the IT support cost- the Town Clerk/RFO confirmed that it was a quarterly cost.

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by Councillor Cattermole and RESOLVED THAT the November and December bills schedules are formally accepted


Members to note a report from Councillor Newcombe and to discuss how to proceed with finding funding:

Members noted the report in the email previously circulated; Councillor Newcombe had discussed grant identification and obtainment consultancy. The Mayor, Councillor Harris was of the opinion that hiring a professional to source grant funding, it could potentially be granted back two or threefold. Any funding required for professional fees would have to come out of the Council’s reserves, and the process would require a Member’s oversight. Councillor Beatty suggested that he could contact the Arts Development Officer from South and Vale regarding sourcing for grants; Mr Workman advised that the Council could put in an admin cost for when applying for the Section 106 monies.


  • –          Councillor Beatty to arrange a meeting with the Arts Development Officer at South and Vale regarding Section 106 and other grant monies, and report back to Full Council
  • –          The Town Clerk/RFO and Councillor Holford to forward requests for recommendations for seeking grant funding from the Arts Development Officer


Members to review the Service Level Agreement (previously circulated) and amend the grant amount for one year:

Councillor Holford explained that the service level agreement was currently set out on three-year terms which needed to be amended to a term of one year following the resolution from Full Council regarding the increase in grant funding to the WWWFC for one financial year; she stressed that the review date for the service level agreement should be one year from the date in 2021 when the grant increase was approved. Councillor Beatty reported that he had met with the Trustees at the WWWFC and reported concerns to Members over the endeavours undertaken by the Trustees to seek and obtain grant funding. Councillor Holford suggested that a condition of the new agreement be set out that the WWWFC provide quarterly   evidence of accountability to Wallingford Town Council, including their sub-let agreements.

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by Councillor Cattermole and RESOLVED THAT the Service Level Agreement be redrafted with the following amendments:

  • –          The grant amount for the 2022-2023 Financial Year is £30,000; to be reviewed one year from the 13th December 2021
  • –          Clauses for quarterly accountability reports including evidence of accounts, sub-let agreements with the NHS and other bodies, and evidence of fundraising efforts such as grant applications or Section 106 applications
  • –          The Service Level Agreement will be redrafted after the first quarter in April/May, in line with the renewal and overhaul of the WWWFC’s lease

Action: the Town Clerk/RFO to work with the Estates Officer to redraft the Service  Level Agreement and propose to the WWWFC’s Trustees


Members to discuss the following Grant Applications and to note that the total Grant Allocation for the financial year is £1,500:

(i) Wallingford Sports Trust (documents previously circulated)

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by the Mayor, Councillor Harris and RESOLVED THAT Wallingford Town Council shall award the Wallingford Sports Trust £750.00 in grant funding.

Councillors Cattermole and Whelan were against this motion

Action: the Senior Officer to contact the Wallingford Sports Trust to award them with their grant


Members to discuss raising prices for winter moorings at Wallingford:

Members thanked Councillor Whelan for her reports; this item was deferred until  the policies had been looked into further


The Estates Officer to give an update following a meeting with South Oxfordshire District Council:

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by Councillor Newcombe and RESOLVED THAT this item will be heard in the confidential session


Members to note planned replacements of light bulbs in the Town Hall Chambers and Undercroft to LED, low- energy bulbs:

This was noted by Members


Members to discuss:

(i)The proposed increase for the sponsorship of the Town’s hanging baskets and floral displays; attachment previously circulated:

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by Councillor Whelan and RESOLVED THAT the sponsorship fee for the hanging baskets and Town’s  floral displays will be increased to £65+VAT.

Members thanked the Part-Time Local Government Officer for her reports.

(ii) Options for Christmas tree and festive lighting sponsorship; attachment previously circulated:

This item is deferred until the next meeting of Finance and Properties Committee

Action: the Town Clerk/RFO to arrange contact with local businesses regarding sponsorship for flowers in the Castle Gardens, and enquire with Henley Town Council about the sponsorship of their Christmas tree


The Estates Officer to update Members on the condition of the Boathouse following a visit to the property:

The Estates Officer reported previously on some concerns about the Boathouse, and after another recent site visit for an EPC he had requested full access- Mr Workman reported that he was happy with the state that the new pub landlord had cleaned the building up to; although some decorative disrepair remains, there was a marked improvement from the previous visit. The Estates Officer then reported that Greene King were making progress with the both the health and safety issues regarding the terrace, and the lease agreements between Greene King, PureBoating and the Wallingford Accessible Boat Club.


Members to discuss proposed increase for the cost of the annual Car Parking permit in the Castle Street Car Park and costings for car parking bollards to be installed on all parking spaces; attachment previously circulated

Here Councillor Whelan left the room

Councillor Holford reported to Members that the proposal here was to increase parking space charges from £407 annually to £450 annually, and for the wagon space increase the charge from £168 annually to £190 annually with the condition that all parking spaces have a bollard implemented

It was proposed by the Mayor, Councillor Harris, seconded by Councillor Holford and RECOMMENDED THAT the proposed increases and bollard implementations are approved by this Committee and will be put before Full Council on the 14th February for approval

Here Councillor Whelan re-entered the room


The Estates Officer to give an update on EPCs following assessments at the following properties:

  • –          Wallingford Museum, 52 High Street
  • –          The Town Hall
  • –          Past and Presents, 1A St. Martin’s Street
  • –          The Boathouse

The Estates Officer reported to Members that the EPC assessments had been carried  out but the certificates themselves were yet to be received, but will be reported to Full Council in February. Members thanked Mr Workman for his ongoing hard work


The Estates Officer to update on Additional Reinstatement Insurance requirement for Castle Gardens, boundary and retaining walls, steps and bridges- as was deferred from Parks Committee on 24th January 2022 from item 9(i)

This item was deferred until the next meeting of the Parks, Gardens, Allotments and Open Spaces Committee in April 2022 before coming back to Full Council after that

Action: the Estates Officer to acquire another quote for this insurance and bring it back to Parks in April


Members to note the costs for clearing the unauthorised encampment and debris from the Castle Motte:

Members reviewed the quote for industrial cleaning of the Castle Motte; it was established that the Council would be responsible for paying the costs. Councillor Holford requested another quote for the debris removal. The Town Clerk/RFO  advised Members to recommend a limit for the other quote and authorise the Town Clerk/RFO and Estates Officer to action the necessary works.

It was proposed by the Mayor, Councillor Harris, seconded by Councillor Cattermole and RESOLVED THAT this item will continue in the confidential session

Action: the Estates Officer to acquire a second quote for the industrial clearance


Members to note the original agreement and statement from Invesco (previously circulated):

Members noted the current return rates on the Coopers Piece land investment and were happy to remain with the current investment; thanks were passed to the Town Clerk/RFO and the Finance Assistant for finding the agreement


Members to discuss Wayleave charges for the following rights of access over Town Council property:

(i) Bean and Brew

(ii) The Coach and Horses

(iii) 63, High Street

(iv) Hong Kong House

Councillor Holford reported to Members on the wayleave charges for the businesses mentioned above. It was established that the wayleaves paid by Bean and Brew and especially the Coach and Horses were outdated and in need of a review and increased. A question was raised regarding who else should potentially be charged for any rights of access.

It was RECOMMENDED THAT items 21(i) and 21(ii) are to be revisited. The Town Clerk/RFO and Estates Officer to draw up a wayleave agreement; the Town Clerk RFO and Estates Officer are to further investigate the value of the wayleaves to each business and base the value of the wayleave on that.

Action: the Town Clerk/RFO and Estates Officer to carry out further investigation regarding Town Council-owned land around the town to establish if additional wayleaves should be implemented


Members to discuss charging individuals and organisations for the use of the Kinecroft for events – as was deferred from Parks Committee on the 24th January 2022 from item 7:

The Mayor, Councillor Harris, asked to clarify that the charges would be for commercial use, and not to charge civilians to walk across the Kinecroft.

It was proposed by Councillor Holford, seconded by the Mayor, Councillor Harris and RECOMMENDED THAT this Council implements charges for the commercial use of the Kinecroft


Members to consider any future agenda items:

–          For Full Council: the Wigod Centre lease


To resolve that due to the confidential nature of the items about to be transacted that members of the press and public are asked to leave the meeting.

It was noted that there were no members of the public present so no resolution was needed here.