1. As soon as the couple have made provisional arrangements for their civil partnership at an approved premise they should be advised to contact the help desk at Oxfordshire Registration Service on 0345 241 2489
  2. Without the presence of the civil partnership registrar there can be no civil partnership registration and any arrangements for the use of the premises depend entirely on their availability. It is, therefore, essential that the couple make an advance booking with the civil partnership registrar for their attendance at their proposed registration as soon as a booking can be accepted. A fee for this attendance will be payable before the ceremony.
  3. The couple will also have to give a notice of civil partnership to an authorised person of the registration authority in which they live. This notice must be given in person by each of the couple and is valid for twelve months from the date it is given. The couple should, therefore, attend the register office (s) where they live as soon as notice can be given. There is a 28 day waiting period after notice has been given before a civil partnership can take place.
  4. If either or both partners are subject to immigration control, there may be a further extension to 70 days. The local registration authority can advise further.
  5. The couple should be warned that any arrangements made for a civil partnership to take place on the approved premises are dependent on :

The attendance of the civil partnership registrar for the area in which the premises are situated.

The issue of civil partnership schedule by the registration authority for the area in which the premises are situated.

6.    The couple should be advised that only a civil, non-religious registration can be permitted by the civil partnership registrar. The contents of any proceedings must be agreed in advance by the civil partnership registrar who will be attending the registration.

7.    Any rights of copyright for music, readings etc permitted at the registration are a matter for the couple and the holder of this approval.