Over the year, different flags are flown from the Town Hall to celebrate various occasions and mark significant dates.

Please see the schedule below for more information:



JANUARY 9th Birthday of Princess of Wales Union Flag
20th Birthday of Countess of Wessex Union Flag
MARCH 10th Birthday of Earl of Wessex Union Flag
13th Commonwealth Commonwealth
17th Twinning with Bad Wurzach Flag of BadWurzach
APRIL 9th His Majesty’s Wedding Anniversary to the Queen Consort Union Flag
14th Twinning with Luxeuil Tricolore
23rd St George’s Day Cross of St George
MAY 6th Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III Union Flag
15th Annual Meeting (Mayor Making) Town Flag
21st Mayor’s Sunday Town Flag
JUNE Pride (Flag to be flown in month of June except for dates in June below) Pride Flag
17th King’s Official Birthday / (Trooping of the Colour) Union Flag
21st Birthday of the Prince of Wales Union Flag
24th Armed Forces Day Armed Forces Day
JULY 17th Birthday of the Queen Consort Union Flag
AUGUST 15th Birthday of the Princess Royal Union Flag
SEPTEMBER 3rd Merchant Navy Day Red Ensign
8th His Majesty’s Accession Union Flag
9th Andrew and Wilding – Anniversary Day Canadian Flag
10th Andrew and Wilding – Commemoration Day Canadian Flag
NOVEMBER 11th Armistice Day Union Flag
12th Remembrance Sunday Union Flag
14th Birthday of His Majesty King Charles III Union Flag
DECEMBER 3rd International Day of Persons with Disabilities Purple Flag