Wigod Way Family Centre

The new Wigod Way Wallingford Family Centre will officially open on Monday 11 September with an open day event.  Families and local professionals are invited to drop-in between 10am and 2pm to find out more about the planned programme of activities and sessions. 

As an open-access service the centre is open to all families in Wallingford with a focus on children under five.  The programme is being designed using feedback from children and families and will work closely with key partners such as health visitors, maternity services and baby massage.

Following Oxfordshire County Council’s decision to review children’s services, Wallingford Town Council employed a Project Coordinator, for 6 months, to assess what could be provided for families in Wallingford.  Having successfully secured transition funding for three years from Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Wallingford Town Council approved funding for the Children’s and Family Services at £20,000 per year for 3 years.  The Wigod Way Family Centre is operating as a community-led, registered charity and is run by a small team of staff and a board of trustees.

Donations have already been received in terms of office equipment and the Wallingford School Community Projects Team transformed the garden.  However, the centre will still need to fundraise to cover all the costs needed to run this fantastic community resource.

Looking forward, the Wigod Way Wallingford Family Centre is seeking organisations that would like to work in partnership with the centre and offer services complementary to the vision.  The centre is also looking for volunteers that can assist with the activities provided or behind the scenes.

For more information or to get in touch via the centre’s Facebook page ‘Wigod Way Wallingford Family Centre’.