Neighbourhood plan consultation available online 

On Saturday 8th July Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP) held a Public Consultation on sites for new housing, employment and leisure facilities, giving local residents the opportunity to review the work, find out more about how the WNP is progressing and give feedback.

If you weren’t able to attend on Saturday don't worry. The consultation material and survey is available to view online until 19th August. 

The site assessment process was carried out by local volunteers from the WNP Working Groups, who considered a number of sites against a set of criteria.  Principally, each site must meet three basic requirements in order to be allocated for a particular use.  The site must be:

  • Suitable i.e. the site is in an appropriate location for the proposed development
  • Available i.e. the landowner is willing to make the site available
  • Achievable i.e. the proposed used is financially viable

Once the plan is completed, the community will have the opportunity to vote on the plan at referendum. If successful, the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted and it will be used to help decide planning matters until 2032.

The WNP is keen to receive comments and feedback from local residents, which will help the WNP to finalise the list of sites to be included in the plan. All the consultation material is available online here