Councillor Vacancies 

Wallingford Town Council is looking to co-opt two new councillors.  Once co-opted the new members will serve until the next set of Town Council elections in 2019.

 If you would like to apply please apply in writing to the Town Clerk, Paula Lopez, giving your personal details and a brief summary of your reasons for applying.  For more information about the Town Council what it means to be a councillor click here

The Town Council has received the resignation of two of its 16 councillors and as a result there is now a vacancy on the Town Council for two co-opted councillors.

When a vacancy on the Town Council occurs, an election is only called if ten electors of the town call or write to the district council.  This hasn't happened in the case of the two current vacancies so the Town Council is looking to "co-opt". 

The Town Council is responsible for developing the Wallingford Neighbourhood Plan (WNP), for maintaining our parks and the portfolio of properties around town, for promoting tourism, and for working with the district and county councils to influence their actions as they impact upon the town. The Town Council is also responsible for supporting and promoting local events.

You can find out more about the Town Council here