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Event Information

Event by
Wallingford 1155
Kinecroft, Wallingford
From 6pm

Wallingford Bonfire and Fireworks – Saturday 6th November 2021

The Wallingford Bonfire and Fireworks will be going ahead this year on Saturday 6th November!

Every year, all of the money raised at the fireworks is given back to the community, our local charities and organisations have suffered enormously in the last 18 months and need your help more than ever. We want to make this year a special year, together we can raise more money than ever, and we need your generous help to do this through the following means:

Online Donation – Help us raise much needed funds ahead of the bonfire night by donating now or in the run up to the fireworks on the Wallingford 1155 website.

Gate Donation – Wallingford Fireworks is FREE to attend but we rely on your generous donations on the night as you enter the Kinecroft and when you leave, please give generously!

Purchasing from Wallingford 1155 – By paying for a Hot Dog, Mulled Wine, Glow Sticks or Sparklers you will be supporting the event and helping us raise even more money for local causes!

The world class fireworks display choreographed to music is bought to you by Wallingford’s very own award winning Illusion Fireworks Ltd – producing firework displays with a ‘Unique Style, Rhythm & Scale’ for Wallingford for the last decade!

Wallingford has become famous for our huge pallet bonfire and the effigy we burn every year, if the bonfire is a little too hot to handle you can stay warm next to our Grundon skip braziers instead!

This is a crucial year for Wallingford Fireworks, we truly need your support more than ever, if we don’t raise enough money this year the future of Wallingford Fireworks and all of the good that comes from the event will sadly hang in the balance.

If you can donate now please visit our website to help us raise the minimum amount of funding we need to bring back this years fireworks!

Look forward to seeing you all there from 6pm on Saturday 6th November!