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Event Information

Friday 3rd June 2022
10am (the full peal of bells will last some 3 hours)
Organised by
St Mary le More Church

St Mary le More – full peal of bells on Friday 3rd June to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

10 Bells, 5,040 Changes, 3 hours ringing. Along with many ringers throughout England, a team of ringers at St Mary le More, Wallingford will mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, at 10am, on Friday by starting a full peal of bells which will last some 3 hours and involves 5,040 changes.

Built in 1653 the tower houses 10 bells, mostly dating from 1738, one from 1887 and two from 2003 which were given by resident Lord Bill Bradshaw in memory of his wife Jill who was one of the ringers.

Bell ringing is excellent exercise but to achieve this feat ringers need to be very fit. The heaviest bell weighs in excess of 18 cwts and the smallest just over 5 cwts. More less arduous ringing will happen on Saturday and Sunday.

Wallingford often welcomes visiting ringers and are always happy to teach any new people at bell ringing practice on Thursday evenings.

St Mary le More information on bell ringing