Jay Miller Circus

Event Information

30/06/2022 - 03/07/2022
Kinecroft, Wallingford, OX10 0DT
Performances daily Weekdays 5pm and 7:30pm Saturday 2pm and 5pm Sunday 1:30pm
Special Offer - Thursday - all seats, all classes, one price £10 Early booking advised https://www.jaymillerscircus.co.uk/tour-dates/wallingford/
Jay Millers Circus https://www.jaymillerscircus.co.uk/tour-dates/wallingford/

Jay Miller’s Circus comes to Wallingford

Jay Miller’s Circus is coming to Wallingford

Location : Kinecroft, OX10 0DT

Thursday, 30 June, 2022 to Sunday, 3 July, 2022

Performances Daily

Weekdays 5pm & 730pm

Saturday 2pm & 5pm  Sunday 130pm only

Special Offer  Thursday  – All Seats – All Classes – ONE PRICE £10

4 Days Only

Early Booking is Advised

Jay Miller Circus