Event Information

Thursday 21st April 2022
Wallingford Museum, Flint House, 52 High Street, Wallingford OX10 0DB
Contact Information
Telephone : Wallingford Museum 01491 835065
14:30 - 15:30
Charges Apply (see workshop details)

Easter workshops at Wallingford Museum : Let’s Face It!

Let’s Face It!

Times : 1430 – 1530

Let’s Face it! For children (age 7 plus) with adult help please.

Facial reconstruction is the process of rebuilding a person’s face, usually in clay or plasticine, over their skull, we will use play-dough. It is often used in archaeology to depict the faces of our ancestors. You may have even seen examples in your local museum or on television.

But how do the experts know from someone’s bones what they might have looked like? Although you might not think so at first, every person’s skull is just as unique as their face. Some are bigger, some rounder, some longer and some thinner.

This workshop has been inspired by our own archaeologists. We will help you experiment the different stages of facial reconstruction, using a “toy” plastic skull. It isn’t completely scientifically accurate, but it should be fun. You will be able to take your reconstruction home.

Please note we have enough resources for eight children to make a reconstruction, children must be accompanied and helped by a responsible adult. They will be able to take their facial reconstruction home.


Normal adult charge of £5 entry to the museum applies. This provides access to the Museum until 30 November 2022.

For children FREE access to the museum, with an accompanying adult, for the workshops please see below.

For the workshops we prefer to keep things simple. On that basis please could we request voluntary donations just to cover the cost of our materials, (we can’t recycle this year as we normally would have done), as suggested below or otherwise, so we can continue to provide these workshops in the future.

Knights £2 and Let’s Face It £5 for each participating child.

Thank you for your consideration.

Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.