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Event Information

St Mary's Church, Wallingford
Please pre-register your place using the link below. *



Annual Town Meeting

Let’s talk about Wallingford!  Come and meet your newly-elected Town Councillors.  Let them know what you’d like them to focus on.


  1. Welcome and introduction from the Mayor, Councillor Daniel Beauchamp
  2. Newly-elected District and Town Councillors to introduce themselves, and County Councillor
  3. Explanation of process by meeting facilitator, Nick Sandall (The following themes and topics will be introduced briefly)
  4. Community safety, including anti-social behaviour and crime
  5. Getting around, including highways, bus services, speed limits and traffic lights
  6. Retail and economy, including shops, markets and car parking
  7. Community facilities
  8. Environment, including parks and open spaces
  9. Arts, culture and heritage, including major public events and significant buildings
  10. Closing remarks by the Mayor

The discussions at this meeting will feed into our town strategy ‘Vision for Wallingford 2031‘, which links to the Neighbourhood plan. As part of our community consultation, you can let us know your thoughts on the 7 key topics on this survey.

Any resident can simply turn up on the day and ask questions.

*We are asking for people to register their attendance (using the registration link on this page) to provide us with an indication of the numbers and any issues to help with catering (which we’re providing for the first time) and to help shape the meeting. However this is not essential and you can simply turn up on the day and ask questions. See you there!