Wallingford Parks and Open Spaces

Wallingford Town Council owns and maintains the Bull Croft, Kine Croft and the Castle Gardens.

As part of our commitment to the climate emergency we have increased our low mow activity. We have added a wild flower meadow in the Bull Croft this year (2023) in addition to our low mow areas already set up in Castle Gardens. We have worked closely with community groups, Wild about Wallingford, Sustainable Wallingford, Incredible Edible and the OX10 Community Group.

We had some trial areas for the first time last year and have added three more areas :

  • Bull Croft – the area under the trees to the left as you walk along the path from the High Street to St George’s Road.
  • Kinecroft – all along the left hand border from the High Street past the Coach and Horses to the end of the Kinecroft. We also have some amazing cow parsley around the Saxon fortifications which are great for biodiversity.
  • The Hot Dog – the land on the left as you leave Wallingford towards Shillingford where the bus stop is. This area will be left apart from the edges so it looks kept. We also plan to plant some spring bulbs here in the autumn 2023.

We will be looking for more volunteers to help with these areas in the near future. Please reach out to Wild about Wallingford as they will be conducting a species study this year.

Situated in the centre of Wallingford, the Bull Croft is a large park which was given to the town in 1912.

The Bull Croft includes two children’s play areas, one enclosed and suitable for under 7 year olds and the other suitable for older children.

Tennis Courts, Basket ball courts and football pitches are available to everyone to use.

The, westerly and northern side of the park still has some of the original 9th century Saxon ramparts which at one time surrounded the town. Take a look at the model in display in Wallingford Museum to see what our town would have looked like.

Address : Bullcroft, High Street, Wallingford, OX10 0BX

The Bull Croft is open to the public from :

Always open, 7 days a week.


The Kine Croft is an area of open grassland that provides a home for events such as Bunkfest, the Festival of Cycling, the Classic Car Rally and Bonfire Night and much more.

For more information about events in Wallingford visit the events calendar.

This site is bounded on the western and southern sides with a continuation of the 9th century Saxon ramparts.

Address : Kine Croft, Wallingford, OX10 0DT

The Kine Croft is open to the public from :

Always open, 7 days a week.

The gardens were gifted to Wallingford for the quiet enjoyment of local people and offer a peaceful range of places to sit or wander.

The Castle Gardens are a dog free area with exception of guide dogs.

Please visit the St Nicholas Ruins which have recently had restoration and conservation work carried out on. The ruins are part of the old castle.

Address : Wallingford Castle Gardens, Bear Lane, Wallingford, OX10 8DR

The Castle Gardens are open to the public from :

Opening Times

  • 1st November to 31st March – 8:30am until 3pm
  • 1st April to 31st May – 8:30am until 6pm
  • 1st June to 30th September – 8:30am until 7pm
  • 1st October to 31st October – 8:30am until 5pm

7 days a week 

The Castle Gardens are a dog free area with the exception of assistance dogs.

Dogs are allowed in the Castle Meadows.