Result of Poll – Election of Parish Councillors for Wallingford on Thursday 4th May 2023

Number of votes recorded for each candidate at the said election

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes
Michael Charles ACREMAN (commonly known as Mike Acreman) Independent 916 ELECTED
Stephen Graeme BEATTY (commonly known as Steve Beatty) 787 ELECTED
Daniel Mark BEAUCHAMP Independent, Wallingford Resident 1168 ELECTED
Giles Christopher CATTERMOLE 662
Ailsa Jane Macaulay CHARTER Independent 839 ELECTED
Mahmood EBRAHIMJEE Independent 852 ELECTED
Paul Brian GIBBON Independent 736 ELECTED
Marcus David HARRIS 1014 ELECTED
Susan Elizabeth HENDRIE (commonly known as Sue Hendrie) Independent Retired Architectural Historian 1200 ELECTED
Stephen Charles HOLDER Independent 988 ELECTED
Claire Elizabeth HOLFORD 996 ELECTED
Mark Andrew HOSKINS Independent 776 ELECTED
Nigel Erskine HUGHES Independent 1087 ELECTED
Katharine Stephanie Benedicta KEATS-ROHAN 1192 ELECTED
Michael Francis KIDLEY (commonly known as Mick Kidley) Independent 649
Rosslyn Ann LESTER (commonly known as Ros Lester) Independent 1200 ELECTED
Diana Teresa MARGARIDO Independent 782 ELECTED
George Frederick Willatt NEWCOMBE 412
Elizabeth WALL (commonly known as Lizzie Wall) 720

* if elected the word ‘ELECTED’ appears against the number of votes

The number of ballot papers rejected were as follows : Number of ballot papers
A  Want of an official mark 0
B  Voting for more candidates than voter was entitled to 4
C  Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
D  being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty 60
E  Rejected in part 0
Total 64