On Friday 22nd July, the funeral of Marc Pearson, who worked in the Parks Team since 2018 took place and lots of people attended to say their final farewell.

At the service Liz Race read out a poem she had written for Marc and we would like to share this.

“If Only He’d Known!” by Liz Race.

If only he’d known is what they all say.

When someone they love is taken away.

If only he’d known that we shed a tear,

That we thought of his laugh, his smiles

and his fears.


If only we’d told him, and gave him some spare

time just to listen, to chat and to share.

If we’d only accepted that offer of tea,

A chance to catch up in life’s revere.


If only we’d remembered that day in the park

When his smile was weak, his eyes were dark.

If only we’d said ‘call by for a brew

I’m having a break – I could do with one too’.


If only we’d said how we valued the craic

His wind ups, the put downs, the smart

answers back.

If we’d played with the dog more, or made him a cake,

Just gone out of our way – for the other guy’s sake.



If only he’d known, that he wasn’t alone,

Friends all around him, plenty to phone,

Friends wanting to meet him, sharing a brew

Stay for a catch up, an hour or two.


Marc couldn’t believe that he was a gem,

A wide open smile, don’t see much of them!

He was funny and clever; history he knew

of battles and armies, he’d taught me a few!


He couldn’t believe that we loved to call by,

To sit in the garden, his biscuits to try.

He felt just so happy to be in his home

‘Paradise’ he called it, no wish to roam.


So now Marc’s not here, and we’re not alone,

Neither is Marc – because he has gone home.

We’ve shared in his life, we shared in his fun,

We’ve seen all the hard times, life rolled into one.
Marc loved this Community, we’ve loved him too.

There are no ‘If Only’s ’, I believe that Marc knew.

Written for Marc Pearson

2nd July 2022