On the 15th May at Mayors Sunday, the High Steward of Wallingford, Mr Kenneth Lester, was happy to present his annual Community award to the very worthy Wallingford Street Pastors.

The Street Pastors are a group of dedicated volunteers from all walks of the community who care for anyone needing support late at night. They have been patrolling our streets now for ten years, in all weathers and in all seasons handing out sweets, flip flops or just a friendly chat.

Mr Lester praised and thanked them for all that they do, including attending a compulsory training session before venturing out on the streets.

On Saturday 4th June 2022 the Mayor of Wallingford Marcus Harris and our French Twinned Town, Mayor Frederic Burghard – Marie de Luxeuil Les Bains. Marcus will be planting two rose plants for this and last years High Steward Award winners in the Castle Gardens at approx 3pm. ‘Country Parson’ for the Street Pastors and ‘Skylark’ for the community in support of recognition of all the community did during the pandemic.

The Mayor Frederic Burghard – Marie de Luxeuil Les Bains will be planting a rose during his visit called ‘Elizabeth’ in celebration of the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

For more information on the High Steward Award of Wallingford for Community Service, please visit our grants and awards page