On Sunday 21st May 2023 Wallingford Town Council will hold the annual ‘Mayor’s Sunday’ event.

This event commences with a police escort accompanying the Mace Bearer, Town Clerk, Mayor’s Cadet and Councillors  walking  from The Town Hall to the Mayor’s home and then back to the Town Hall in readiness for the marching organisations parade, the Salute, and an inaugural service in the Civic and Parish Church of St Mary-le-More.

The historic event will continue a long tradition for market town of Wallingford with dignitaries, chairmen of Oxfordshire County Council and District Council, local mayors and county and district councillors joining in the celebration.

A small reception for invited guests is held afterwards where presentations will be made to special guests for outstanding service.

Please note the roads will be closed in the Town Centre from 11:30am to 12:30pm.