Latest update on Park and Charge Scheme in South and Vale

Due to technical difficulties, there is a temporary delay to the launch of the Park and Charge scheme to install 124 EV chargers across South and Vale.

Up to this point the project has progressed well. However, there are delays to the installation of the electrical meters – which measure the electrical supply coming in and the amount sold. This is due to several factors including the global shortage of microchip components, which has affected many manufacturers including mobile phone companies and car makers. This in turn has created a backlog of work.

The good news is that a lot of the preparatory work including installing the feeder pillars – which supply the electricity to the individual chargers – has been completed at all ten council-run car parks. The chargers have been installed in seven sites so far with two more having chargers installed this week and the last one next. It is anticipated that all the prep work can be completed so that when the meters can be installed it will be just a couple of days before the chargers will be up and running.

We know people will be disappointed that the chargers are not working yet and we share that disappointment. As this installation is affected by a global shortage we cannot give a date when that will be completed but, as soon as we can, we will be sharing the news with you.