OXFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL (WALLINGFORD 20 MPH SPEED LIMIT) (No.2) ORDER 2022 NOTICE is given that on 7 March 2022 Oxfordshire County Council made the above order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and all other enabling powers. The order which comes into force on 14 March is introduced a 20mph speed limit (replacing the existing 30mph speed limit) on various roads within the Northern area of Wallingford.

The roads outside the 20mph limits remain at 30mph.
Roads within the Northern Area leading out to:

A. Norries Drive at its junction with Shillingford Road,
B. Glyn Road at its junction with Castle Street,
C. Sinodun Road at its junction with Station Road,
D. Blue Mountains at its junction with Station Road,
E. Atwell Close at its junction with Station Road,
F. St. Nicholas Road at its junction with Station Road, and
G. St. Georges Road to a point 36 metres north of its junction with Station Road

The Oxfordshire County Council (Wallingford 20 mph Speed Limit) Order 2022 dated 10 January 2022 is revoked.

Documents giving more details of the order are available for public inspection online by visiting: https://letstalk.oxfordshire.gov.uk. Copies may be made available on request.

Traffic Regulation Team (Ref: JaC/12.6.390) for the Corporate Director for Environment & Place, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND.