We have recently completed a dog bin review in Wallingford and are going to implement some changes. Firstly, we are changing the provider who empty the bins from BIFFA to The Shield Group. Secondly, we are removing some dog waste bins. Signs have been placed on the dog waste bins that will be removed on the Thursday 31st March.

Dog walkers can use existing litter bins, dog waste bins or their own grey refuse wheeled bin to dispose of bagged dog waste.

Thirdly, we are also currently working with SODC (South Oxfordshire District Council) who are completing a county wide bin review, to make sure we have bins in the correct areas. Last year we had another 9 bins put in place at the riverside to cope with the increasing amounts of rubbish, even though our desire is that if you visit the area, you take your rubbish home.

Any requests or ideas for bins, please email : waste.team@southandvale.gov.uk 

Please visit our dog waste bin map for current locations of dog waste bins in Wallingford. For more information regarding dog fouling please visit the SODC website page.

If you have any queries, please use our contact us page.