Email from RAF Benson

Last year we held our annual fireworks on our airfield rather than on Rabbit Hill on our domestic site.  This year we are also expecting to hold the event on our airfield, although again it will unfortunately not be an event that we can open to the public.

We felt that this not only allows us additional COVID mitigations owing to the larger space but, following positive feedback from our local community, it also enables our neighbours to enjoy the display with us from their own homes, should they wish to do so.

The date of the event is 4 November 2021 and we expect approximately 15 minutes of fireworks at around 7pm.  It’s possible that there may also be music played during the event, which may be heard by our neighbours.

We hope that by giving advance notice, our neighbours can either plan to enjoy the display with us from their homes and gardens, or take any necessary action to avoid the event, for example for nervous pets or family members.