Castle Gardens Closure – Health and Safety Update

The Castle Gardens will remain closed until further notice as it is unfeasible at present to create a safe exclusion zone for the public from the land directly surrounding the ruins of St. Nicholas College.  Public safety remains our primary concern due to the potential for falling masonry.  Providing appropriate security fencing in advance of forthcoming access scaffold being erected is currently unfeasible due to the physical site constraints and costs.

The lie of the land makes standard construction fencing impractical and any bespoke fencing that requires ground disturbance may also require scheduled monument consent.  Options are being discussed with the Historic England Inspector.  We appreciate public engagement is essential whilst both survey and repair works progress onsite, this is also a requirement of Historic England grant.  As well as public safety we are also concerned about vandalism whilst works progress, heritage crime has been a problem for many years within the Castle Gardens.

The erection of scaffolding has been confirmed for the week commencing 15th November 2021, which will enable careful cutting back of vegetation, comprehensive condition surveys and 3D scanning.  Following completion of 3D scanning the detailed schedule of conservation repairs will be prepared by our consulting conservation architects and the required scheduled monument consents sought so works can progress as quickly as possible in Spring 2022.  Following completion of the survey works and 3D scanning anti-climb hoarding will also be added to scaffolded ruins and hopefully we will also have found a solution for temporary fencing issue so that the public can access the site safely to see the progress we are making with the ruins.

Rob Workman – Estates Manager, Wallingford Town Council  (Dated 26th October 2021)

Temporary Closure of the Castle Gardens

Unfortunately we have had to close the Castle Gardens temporarily whilst we assess public safety due to the increased potential of falling masonry from the Castle Ruins.

As you may know we have received a grant from Historic England for conservation works to the Castle Ruins, this project is currently progressing with our consulting architects and will be erecting scaffolding in the coming weeks to undertake a detailed survey of the schedule monument so we can progress urgent repairs.

We hope to give you an update as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause.

Rob Workman – Estates Manager, Wallingford Town Council  (Dated 8th October 2021)